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Noon day gun

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The noonday gun is a former naval artillery mounted on a small enclosed area in Causeway Bay. Cannon - a well known tourist attraction fires every day at noon.

Causeway Bay, past East point, first plot of land in Hong Kong, the colonial government sold at public auction in 1841. It was bought by the community "Jardine Matheson", which still owns the land and the gun. Reclamation shifted the coastline to the North, the name East point has lost its relevance.

Tradition to salute at noon, occurred in 1860. Private guards welcomed the arrival of the ship of Mr. Jardine. One senior British naval officer, who did not know about this tradition, reversed the shot, because such a salute was the common greeting government officials and senior officers of the armed forces. As a result, as punishment, was given a forever to shoot every day at the same time.

The Imperial Japanese army blew up the gun in 1941. The British Royal Navy, after the return of the Islands under its control in 1945, provided Jardines with a new six-pound gun, which continued the tradition of a midday shot. After complaints of too loud sound of a gunshot in 1961 Rotorua was replaced by a three-pound, which was involved in the battle of Jutland during the First World war.

Although British rule ended in Hong Kong in 1997, the tradition of the midday salute continues and usually attracts a crowd of tourists. Security, uniformed, marching to the scene of action, ringing a bell, giving a signal of the end of the morning watch. Then duty officer shoots the gun, and then rings the bell and locks the weapon on the lock.

To come closer to sight through the tunnel under Gloucester road.