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Murray House

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The house of Murray - a Victorian building located in the Bay of Stanley. Built in the business district of Central in 1844 as officers ' quarters of the Royal engineers by major Aldrich and Lieutenant Collins, the building was moved South of Hong Kong island in 2000-ies.

Murray house was one of the oldest surviving public buildings in Hong Kong. Like many of his contemporaries the beginning of the colonial era, it was designed in a classic style. Heavy stone walls with open arches of the ground floor should give a sense of stability and lighter Doric and ionic columns on the upper floors are designed to provide better ventilation. On all floors of the circular verandas are needed in the local subtropical climate.

During forty-four months of the Japanese occupation the building was used as command centre of the military police. A dark page in the history of the house of Murray of this period was the execution of Chinese citizens in the walls of the building and the surrounding area. After World war II, several government departments used the building for offices.

It is believed that the house of Murray live restless evil spirits here twice performed rites of exorcism in 1963 and in 1974; the latter was broadcast on television. Since it was a state institution, on behalf of the government was drawn up a formal agreement on the expulsion of demons.

In 1982, the historic monument was to be demolished in connection with construction of the Tower Bank of China. But it was dismantled, more than 3,000 building blocks were tagged and zipped for later recovery. The building was renovated in 2001 in the Bay of Stanley and reopened in 2002.

The first floor of Murray in 2005, was given over to the Maritime Museum of Hong Kong, which occupied him for about 8 years. Now the old building is a restaurant and shops.