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Hippodrome "Happy Valley Racecourse"

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"Happy valley Racecourse" is one of two racecourses for horse racing and tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It is located in the same area Happy valley on Hong Kong island, next to road Wong Nai Chung road and Morrison hill road.

The Racecourse was built in 1845 to meet the needs of the British in one of the favorite sports in Hong Kong. At the start of construction the area was a wetland, populated by mosquitoes, but the flat plain was ideal for the racetrack. To make room for a field to horse racing, the Hong Kong government imposed a ban on rice cultivation in the surrounding villages.

The first race was held in December 1846. Over time horse racing became increasingly popular among the locals.

On 26 February 1918 at the Hippodrome there was a major fire, killing about 600 people. The tragedy resulted in the overturning of a temporary grandstand that fell on the food stalls and barbecues.

Reconstruction of the racetrack in 1995 made him the object of the global class. Races are usually held on Wednesday nights and are open to all comers; a seven-storey grandstand can accommodate about 55,000 spectators. In addition to tracks for races, the structure of buildings there is a stadium for football, hockey and Rugby, which is administered by the Department of cultural and leisure activities.

The Hong Kong jockey club, its archive and Museum, which are located on the second floor of the complex, was founded in 1995 and opened on 18 October 1996. The Museum has four exhibition halls. The first is called "the Genesis of the horse" - shows the path of animal migration from Northern China to Hong Kong. The second hall is devoted to the history of the second Racecourse of Hong Kong "Sha tin". In the next room describes the anatomy and characteristics of animals exhibited the backbone of the horse - three-time champion of Hong Kong. The fourth gallery accepts a variety of thematic exhibitions, it also hosts the activity of charity organizations and community projects supported by the jockey club.

With the establishment of a cinema and a souvenir shop.