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Awash: photos, description (Avas)

Awash — the highest point (234 m above sea level) of Miskolc is a hill of volcanic origin, which rises 104 m above the city. With the ancient Hungarian language the name of the hill translates as "forbidden," as in the bowels of the hill was equipped with a wine cellar, and grazing over them was a danger to them. According to the project of Balint Szeghalmi in the middle of Prolegomena on the hill awash was built a wooden tower, resembling the architecture of the Church. In 1956 during the revolution it was destroyed by Soviet soldiers.

In 1963, on top of a hill has installed a 72-meter television tower, once a symbol of the city. From the observation deck of the television tower offers a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings.

On the North side of the hill, near the erzsébet square, is the Gothic Protestant Cathedral is awash XIII century bell tower is the oldest building of Miskolc (the other oldest building is the castle Diester). The area excavated nearby in the Sandstone wine cellars has received the name of the awash KIS (KIS Avas) or "small awash".

In the southern part of the hill awash is the largest residential complex of the city (awash-South) is a typical district of the socialist era with the multi-storey panel houses, which are home to one third of the population of the city.