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Aquarium-terrarium: photo description Aquarium-Terrarium)

A one-storey building in the romantic style, which is the aquarium-terrarium, was built in 1860. The famous Hungarian artist Mihaly Munkacsy has twice been a guest of this house in 1865 and 1867 where he visited his uncle, the Prosecutor of Lajos River. The fact of these visits is marked with a plaque on the wall, furthermore, the very name of the street (street mihály munkácsy), where the house is located, refers to this event.

The aquarium-terrarium in the extensive system of cellars of this house opened in 1985. Today, these underground rooms are modern and well-organized exposition of animals. A terrarium is represented by five large and 31 small aquariums that contain more than 160 species of snakes, lizards and fish. There is an interactive exhibition of rare animals, in modern classrooms, there are workshops and lectures about the variety of exotic fish, reptiles and amphibians living in this wonderful underground world.