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Barbican: photos, description (Barbakan Tower)

Barbican Bastion of the 15th century with a round tower belonged to the fortification system of the Episcopal castle. Its construction is due to visit in 1498 in pécs General Paul kinisi associated with the emergence of a military threat from the Turkish side. Fortifications of the castle and the city as a whole were strengthened throughout the South side. Tower in Gothic style was built in the 15th century on the Western corner of the high walls of the castle. The back gate of the Barbican has served a purpose: they allowed the defenders to attack the advancing enemy from the flanks.

18-19th century, the Barbican and other buildings of the city are his peers destroyed. Most of the dilapidated buildings, built along the fortress wall was demolished in the 1960-ies, with the result that the old Barbican, freed from satellites has become well-see for visitors to the city - he was frequently visited by tourists, because of its tower offers a wonderful view of the city.