/ / The gate of Mecca: photos, description (Mecsek-gate)

The gate of Mecca: photos, description (Mecsek-gate)

One of the most beautiful architectural structures in the Park and the Mecsek - gate. If you go up the Hunyadi jános street, you will see them on the right side of the road behind the Church.Paul. An arched building of natural stone was built by the municipality of pécs in 1936, the project Koszegi Gyula. In 2001, the gates were reconstructed.

The gates resemble a small castle. It has an entrance, arcades and bastions. This building was conceived as a symbolic entrance to the Park Mecsek, so it is called the Gate of Mecca. From the Gate of Mecca there is a road, serpentine rising to the top of the mountain. This is the starting point for many tourist routes.