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Gate Fasoli: photos, description, Fazola Gates)

Henrik Fazola was one of the first representatives of industrial capital in Hungary. Together with his brother Leonard he learned the locksmith craft in Wurzburg. After much wandering, they finally in 1758 settled in Hungary. By this time Henrik was only 28 years old, but his great works wrought iron attracted the attention of Archbishop Ferenc Barkasi in Eger. The Archbishop invited Henrik to settle in Eger and overwhelmed with orders. Henrik started with the larger gates of the Palace of the Archbishop, then the main gate of his Park, latticework wrought-iron balcony of the Lyceum, the lattice doors of the Observatory and its revolving cupola.

Gate Fasoli in Eger made between 1758 and 1761 years, are an important part of his Hungarian period, and is considered the most beautiful and famous work of Henrik. The gate is located inside the lobby of County Hall in Eger and in the style of Baroque and Rococo. On the arch of wrought iron above the main entrance are allegorical images of Faith, Hope and Love. The main ornament - acanthus leaves on one side of the gate - emblem of the city, on the other bunches of grapes.