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Grof Palace: photos, description (Grof Palace)

Grof Palace is located on the corner of Lajos Tisza Boulevard and the streets of Tocharacter. Your name, the Palace was named after Dr. Arpad Grof, General public Prosecutor and head of the Cabinet of Ministers, which ordered the construction of this building. Being an ambitious man, and occupying such high positions, he chose to build the Central square of the city and formulated task in the following words: "This building is intended for accommodation of contemporary experts and officials with a certain level of career and social status who can afford high rents". The author of the project was Ferenc Rachel, under whose leadership the construction lasted just 13 months - from 1912 to 1913.

The three-story building, sandwiched between three streets, attracts attention with its elegance. Creating this masterpiece, the architect has combined the latest progressive trends in architecture with traditional Hungarian and Eastern ornamental styles.

The building is decorated with two towers, supported by slender columns and ending with beautiful spires. The facade of the building is very interesting and unusual speakers alternating semi-circular and long balconies. Transformation in different planes are supplemented by a variety of side railings of balconies on the facade. They are a bit simpler in execution than the balconies from the front of the building.

Ornament made of gold and blue mosaic conveys the aura of the East, especially for decorative elements and peacock motifs used on the balconies of the second floor. Traditional Hungarian motifs are observed in convex glazed ceramics. With the extremely fine craftsmanship of the work performed for decorating doors and doorways, and stairs and skylights, wrought-iron railings.