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The Bishop's Palace: photo description (The Bishop's Palace)

King Saint Stephen established the bishopric of pécs in 1009. Perhaps, in the choice of venue was played by the factor that here stood the old Church, consecrated by the Bishop of Salzburg around 870 a year. However, in the 11th century the Church burned down, and this place was built a three-aisled Basilica in the Romanesque style with two towers. Centuries later, around the Cathedral were built new buildings, and thus formed a complex of buildings representing the Palace of the Bishop.

The history of the Palace dates back to the 12th century. His first "guest" was the Frankish Bishop Bonifert, the second has been the Hungarian sea. In 15-16 centuries the Palace was rebuilt in the Renaissance style, and the Bishop györgy Climate finally changed his appearance in 1751-1770 years. In the Northern and Eastern wings there was a second floor and the South wing was extended. The facade was rebuilt in a uniform Baroque style. Between 1838 and 1852 years was restored Eastern facade in the spirit of Neorenaissance. The facade overlooking the dome square, adorned with power bulges and wooden columns. Between the two gate towers balcony with a balustrade.

The Bishop's Palace is open only during the summer months every Thursday. You can visit the foyer, hall expectations, private chapel, library, cafeteria, conference hall and rooms of the Habsburgs.