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Reök Palace: photos, description (Reok Palace)

Reök Palace is located on the corner of Lajos Tisza Boulevard and streets Kalsi. This is a typical example of the so-called "Hungarian art Nouveau" designed and constructed by Ede Magyar in 1907. The designer, who died at a young age, spent only eight years in Szeged. Reök Palace is the result of his long research and travels to major art centers of Europe. Back in Szeged, he asked for help in the construction of the Palace to the engineer Ivan Reeku. Thus, together they were able to implement ideas based on the experiences of a young designer.

On the facade of the building and the stairs drew the attention of vivid colours - beautiful flowers made by the sketch Ede Magyar artist PAL Fekete. In General, the building is reminiscent of the work of Antoni Gaudi and is one of the most interesting architectural objects of this style in Europe. Between the citizens of Szeged call the Palace "croup of the horse", for the reason that it is located behind the equestrian statue in memory of the heroes of the First world war.