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Wood Church photo, description (Wooden Church)

Wooden Church, Miskolc is built of carved wood. The present building was rebuilt in 1999 on the site of the previous one, which was destroyed by fire in an arson attack in 1997.

Date of birth of the first temple in this place is traditionally considered to be September 13, 1637, but there is no documentary evidence of this fact. The first document that mentions the Church, dates from the year 1698. Except that the Church was built of wood, the chronicle says nothing.

The most famous Church that took the name "the Wooden Church" was built here in 1724 and lasted until 1937.

Istvan Bato, a citizen of Miskolc, donated a large sum to the Church. In his will he nupcial: "While in Miskolc there are Protestants, this wooden Church should be maintained in a good condition... If the Church is going to burn, it must be recovered from the tree". Thus, when the Church was dilapidated and it's time to restore it, the city has decided that it is easier to build a new Church.

The new Church was designed by Valentin Segali. It was made entirely of wood brought from Transylvania, a region with a long tradition of woodcarving. The construction was completed 1938. The result satisfied everyone.

4 December 1997 the Church was set on fire and burned to the ground, its exact copy was installed at the same place in 1999.