/ / The house of Butler: photos, description (Buttler House)

The house of Butler: photos, description (Buttler House)

The house, built in the Baroque style in the 18th century, was named after its owner, Janos Butler, the hero of the story "a Strange marriage" Kalman Mixata, one of the most famous Hungarian writers of the XIX-XX centuries.

The plot of "a Strange marriage" fell the real story of what happened in the end of XVIII century, when the Baron Deri (Mixat retain the original names of the main actors) forcibly married to the Earl of Butler to his daughter to hide the shame of her secret affair with the village priest, and Butler then for twenty years could not achieve from the Church authorities of the dissolution of this unfortunate Union.

Mixat heard this tradition from his colleague, MP Dej Bernat, whose father, Zsigmond Bernat, was a friend of Butler, and was present when the alleged forced wedding of count. (In fact, J. Bernat was then only two years; but later he actually became friends with the Butler, despite the difference in age.) Mixat also had the relevant archival documents, however, used the official presentation of the sensational case only in General terms and relied essentially on the version that existed among the people and was inspired by the liberal ideas during the struggle for reform (20-30-ies of the XIX century).

The building in the Baroque style and housed the deaf-mute Institute and boarding school. From 1949 to 1957 settled here and the local Museum. Later the building was used as a hostel and is currently rented for offices.