/ / House of terror: a photo, a description (House of Terror)

House of terror: a photo, a description (House of Terror)

The building itself is remarkable in that it was built in 1880 by the architect Adolf Festi. After its transfer into the hands of the Public Fund for the study of the history of Central and Eastern Europe in 2000, during the year there was carried out the reconstruction of the building was completely renovated inside and out. On the facade, internal design, the final look of the exhibition halls of the Museum of architect Attila Kovacs. As a result, the building of the Museum acquired a kind pamatka - stern funeral: decorative entablature, black walls, granite sidewalk sign façade frame, which sharply distinguishes it in a number of neighbouring buildings on andrássy Avenue. In Sunny weather, wide visor with carved inscription "TERROR" casts a huge shadow on the upper part of the facade.

Musical arrangement of the exhibition, which used the music of a Symphony orchestra, stereo samples and sound effects, was invented by the Hungarian frontman of the musical group Bonanza Banzai by AKOS Kovacs .