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Historical Museum: photos, description (City History Museum)

Historical Museum, in 1984, moved to the renovated building of the former Tannery (9 Felsőmalom Street), has since been the permanent home for exhibitions and installations. This famous building of the city's architecture was built in the last third of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century belonged to the tanners and their families: it housed a factory, residential apartments, dance halls, dining room.

The second floor of the building is a large-scale exhibition devoted to the history of pécs from the time of liberation from the 143 years of Turkish rule until the period of the creation of a coalition government in 1948. Here are many interesting exhibits: documents, works of art, photographs, maps, and models, including models of famous city buildings, clothing from different eras and things, as well as the interiors of historic buildings. You can visit the Internet page of the Museum and to consolidate their knowledge on more than thirty topics relating to local history, listen to entertaining audio files, or even try your hand at online gaming. Virtual gallery with the permanent exhibition, but also helps students to learn the Humanities.