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Cathedral: photo description (The Cathedral)

Gyor Bishopric founded by order of St. Stephen in the period from 1000 to 1009. By this time to relate the construction of the Basilica of Gyor. For centuries, it has gained new features, but from the very beginning the construction was a three-nave Church with a high altar. In 1257-1267 years under Bishop Omod appeared at the Basilica tower. During the bishopric of Janos Hedervari (1386-1415) to the southern part was added a chapel in Gothic style, where at present the relics of king St. Laszlo. a recently installed gravestone of blessed Bishop Vilmos Apor of.

In the 16th century during the Turkish occupation of the Basilica lost its towers: one was damaged in 1526 during the battle, the other in 1580 was destroyed by a powerful explosion - it was used by the Turks as an Arsenal. Half a century later the restoration of the Basilica took Italian architect Giovanni Battista Rava by order of Bishop györgy Draskovic. Tower and sacristy were built under Bishop György of Sicani (1659-1681), Baroque interior - when Ferenc Zichy (1743-1783), and the classic facade - Jacob handler in 1823-m. In the early twentieth century the Church received the dome with neo-Romanesque elements. During the Second World war, the roof was damaged, the restoration occurred in 1968-1972

Design projects created by Hefele Mangartom, frescoes and some paintings of the altar - Franz Anton Maulburg with apprentices. The altar was built and the sculptures were made in the Vienna workshop of józsef Hotsale. The main decoration of the altar of the North aisle is an icon of the virgin Mary, a celebration which attracts many pilgrims.