/ / Cathedral - Basilica of Eger: photo description (The Cathedral or basilica)

Cathedral - Basilica of Eger: photo description (The Cathedral or basilica)

In 1837, on a hill overlooking the city, where stood the old medieval Church.Michael, it completed the construction of a Cathedral, Basilica or Eger (full name: Basilica of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, St Michael and the Immaculate Conception), which has an honorable status of "minor Basilica".

The author of the project, the Hungarian architect Joseph Hild has changed the conventional scheme with the entrance on the West side and moved the main entrance on the East side of the Church facing the Lyceum and the Old town. Three large statues on the tympanum depict virtues — Faith, Hope, and Compassion. On the sides of the stairs are statues of the apostles Peter and Paul, and of kings Stephen's and Vladislav. They are the work of the Italian sculptor Marco Casagrande (1804-1880 G. G.), he is the author of the reliefs on the facade of the entrance with a colonnade (the Pieta, the virgin Mary with the dead body of Christ on his knees, Jesus in the temple, the expulsion of the merchants from the temple). In addition Marco Casagrande was responsible for the interior of the Cathedral is its interior. Special attention should be paid to images of Saints Stephen's and Vladislav on the side altar of Baroque artist Johann Lukas Cracker, as well as the main altar, painted by the Viennese craftsman Josef Danhauser. It depicts the death of St. John. The Cathedral is the largest organ of Hungary, which was built in the late XIX century by Ludwig Moser from Salzburg.