/ / Cathedral of Notre-Dame: photo, description Cathedral of Our Lady)

Cathedral of Notre-Dame: photo, description Cathedral of Our Lady)

Cathedral of our lady in Szeged - one of the largest Catholic churches in Hungary (the third largest) is the main attraction of the city.

The construction of the Cathedral is connected with the flood of 1879, when released from the banks of the Tisza flooded the entire city and almost completely destroyed it. When the water is gone, the city Council made a promise: if we can rebuild the city again, to erect a magnificent Church to the glory of the virgin Mary. The author of the project of the new Church became famous Hungarian architect Prides of Sulek. Construction was started in 1913, but the First World war and the economic crisis intervened in the construction of it was delayed for 10 years. A promise to keep and open temple was only half a century after the floods - October 24, 1930 the Cathedral was consecrated.

Cruciform Church in neo-Romanesque style building material - red brick, a clock, the biggest in Hungary dial — 4.3 meters and third in Hungary's largest organ with 9 thousand pipes. Another remarkable item is a large rose on the main facade of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is decorated with 57 towers and two 91-meter towers. In the temple 7 bells, one of which weighs 8.5 tons (the second largest in Hungary). Inside the temple can accommodate 5,000 worshipers.

The interior of the Cathedral is made in modern style. Of particular interest is a mosaic, where the Holy virgin Mary appears in the Hungarian national costume and Szeged Slippers.

Cathedral square, surrounded on three sides by University buildings, is often the venue for concerts and theatrical productions.