/ / Quarter Culture, Zolnai: photos, description (Zsolnay Cultural Quarter)

Quarter Culture, Zolnai: photos, description (Zsolnay Cultural Quarter)

One of the most important events that took place in the framework of the events associated with the award of the Pécs the title European capital of culture, was the program of renovation of dilapidated buildings of the Zsolnay Factory. Various organizations associated with cultural and education has been moved here, and thus formed an active cultural quarter and recreational area. Plant Zolnai, whose fame once resounded throughout Europe, but whose products today can't compare with past, still works today, but he moved to a small building in the Eastern part of the complex. The main area of the factory was turned into a Centre of culture which has become attractive not only for guests but also for local residents, creating new opportunities for leisure activities.

Quarter Culture, Zolnay is pleased to offer visitors plenty of entertainment, including: a Gallery of pécs, puppet Theatre, Youth centre E78, Planetarium, hall of the Sheet, the Zsolnay Mausoleum, the handicraft workshops Armin Kleinschmit and Open manufactory. Quarter Culture, Zsolnay covers an area of about twelve hectares, and can be tens of thousands of visitors a year, offering the modern infrastructure of rest.