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Royal Palace: photos, description of (King Palace)

The Royal Palace is one of the main attractions of Budapest. The first fortification on this place was built after the Tatar invasion, about 1247, when Bela IV. The complex of buildings, first mentioned in 1439 is called the Palace Press. At the same time a tower was added chonka, the construction of which was halted due to the death of the king.

When Matthias Palace interiors become even lusher and richer. In 1541 he was captured by the Turks, he suffered from fires, earthquakes and epidemics. In 1686, when the storming of the fortress, killing what little was spared by the Turks. The Palace was rebuilt and enlarged under Maria Theresa. In the XIX century the Palace began to expand on the project of Miklos Ibla. On the design of the decor worked the most famous artists of the time, but their works were lost during the Second world war.

Nowadays, the Palace quarter is one of the main cultural centers of Budapest. Here is collection of Hungarian fine arts - Hungarian national gallery, Museum of history of modern times and Public library. Széchenyi.