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Baths: photos, description (Baths)

Budapest baths appeared due to the numerous sources of healing and thermal water gushing at the foot of the rugged caves of the Buda mountains. The sources feeding its waters in the thermal baths of Gellert, were used in the XIII century. Then some of them built a hospital where monks treated the afflicted. This place was also called the Dirty bath because the water, which was treated here for diseases of the joints and the circulatory system, was murky from silt. The hotel Gellert with its thermal bath was built in the art Nouveau style in the early years of the twentieth century at the Western foot of gellért hill. For its widely used color ceramics of the Zsolnay factory in pécs.

Turkish baths were built in Buda healing springs. In addition to its direct purpose, they were also a place of political discussions and transactions. On the Buda Bank of the Danube remained four such baths. One of them is named after one of its former owners király (Royal). Built by the Turkish Pasha Sokollu Mustafa, about 1570. In the early nineteenth century it was attached to the side wing. Pool in the shape of a flat polygon and the dome date from the XVI century.