/ / Baths Miskolctapolca: photo description (Miskolctapolca - Cave Bath)

Baths Miskolctapolca: photo description (Miskolctapolca - Cave Bath)

Unique system of karst caves in Europe, was well known even in the sixteenth century as a favorite thermal baths of the Benedictine monks.

Due to the special microclimate, reminiscent of a humid tropical climate (the temperature here is kept at 30-35 degrees) and the healing effects of karst waters, rich in beneficial to the body minerals, Miskolc-opolskie baths are one of the most popular resorts of Hungary. And Cave bath home, known all over Europe tourist attraction of the region. Tourists interested not only in the procedures themselves, how impressive atmosphere - the natural interior halls and swimming pools.

Wellness enthusiasts here waiting for sessions, relaxation therapy and massage, and lovers of active leisure - Aqua-fitness and Aqua aerobics. Most importantly, the Cave bath, in contrast to the other baths with tighter healing waters, you can swim, not limiting itself in time.