/ / Railroad: photo description (Forest Train)

Railroad: photo description (Forest Train)

To the great delight of children on 20 August 1962, government of pécs opened a narrow-gauge railway in the forest of the Mecsek. The railroad, like the zoo, where starts the path was built by a gift to the young residents of the city on pure enthusiasm without pay. This railroad between the zoo and amusement Park became the shortest narrow gauge railway in Hungary. Its length is 570 meters. Serves road locomotive C50. Its the sound of the wheels and the whistle can be heard in summer and winter.

The most popular event of the autumn-spring festival "Young Railwayman" with free entertainment: amusement rides, theatrical shows, performances for children and adults. Recent years, it organizes a Small railroad camp. In addition to the rest, children, rest in campsites, studying the "science train", dedicated to the mysteries of the railroad, as well as get acquainted with the practice of professions traffic Manager, cashier, speaker, controller.