/ / Lyceum of Eger: photo description (Eger Lyceum)

Lyceum of Eger: photo description (Eger Lyceum)

Lyceum of Eger was built in 1765-85 years at the direction of the well-known patron Archbishop károly esterházy architect J. Fellner in the style of late Baroque. This is one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions of Hungary. The Lyceum has the largest known throughout the country the diocesan library on the first floor, which is open to visitors. Here are stored ancient documents and codices, manuscripts, here is the only original letter by Mozart in Hungary.

In the West wing of the Lyceum on the 6th floor is a Museum of astronomy, a 53-meter tower - camera-obscura, or, as it is called, "Eye of Eger". With its help the white stand in the hall of the Museum projected the image of the city. And from the balcony of the tower offers a beautiful view of the city. Noteworthy luxurious interiors of the Lyceum, including frescos on the ceiling of the library.