/ / The mausoleum Jalna: photos, description (Zsolnay-mauzoleum)

The mausoleum Jalna: photos, description (Zsolnay-mauzoleum)

After the death in 1900 of the founder of the factory, Vilmos Zsolnay of Jalna on the top of a small hill near the factory of his son built the mausoleum. At this place in the past was punished, but the family Zolnai chose it for the last refuge of the father, because the Vilmos often spent their free time.

The building in neo-Romanesque style is a chapel and burial chamber with a decorated sarcophagus. The facade of the mausoleum is lined with pyrogranite tiles, and the dome is lined with dark green glasses. The altar inside the chapel and the walls are also decorated with colorful tiles. Interior of the mausoleum is a picture of a blue sky, cherubs and gold stars.

The coffin of Vilmos Jalna was placed in a crypt in 1913 in 1919 he was followed by his wife Theresa bell. In 80-e years the crypt was attacked by vandals, after which, in 1986, the couple were reburied in the cemetery in PEC. Today in the crypt are buried the remains of the only son of Vilmos - Miklos.

Full reconstruction of the mausoleum, with the exception of the roof was carried out in the framework of the year of recognition of pécs cultural capital of Europe. It included not only the renovation of the building, but also the promenade and the road leading to the mausoleum is decorated with lions and a fence.