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Liberty bridge: photos, description (Liberty Bridge)

Liberty bridge - one of nine bridges across the Danube in Budapest. It connects Buda and pest in the area of gellért hill. The bridge was built two years and was inaugurated on 4 October 1896 in the framework of the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Hungary gained its statehood. It was the third bridge over the Danube. Planning and design of the bridge was taken by the engineer Janos Feketekuty. The original name of the bridge - the bridge Franz Joseph in honour of the Emperor, participated in the opening. His real name bridge took from the name of the nearby square.

The architectural style of the bridge - modern. Iron design green color with a protective coating is formed by three United farm arches and horizontal flooring. The bridge has a length of 333 m, width - 20 m, spans are 175 meters. High above the iron masts of the bridge on the gilded balloon has four of the turul (a mythical bird) with outstretched wings.

As all the bridges across the Danube of Budapest, the Liberty Bridge was destroyed on 16 January 1945, during the retreat of the troops of the Wehrmacht. However, it was the first of the bridges reconstructed after the war - its construction took a year and a half. August 20, 1946 it was opened under the new name of the Liberty Bridge. In 2007-2008 the construction of the bridge was reconstructed and updated.

The bridge displayed at 1.50-forintos Marche 1964 issue.