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Vasarely Museum: photos, description (Vasarely Museum)

House of Hungarian op-art (optical art) - the Vasarely Museum gives a glimpse of significant stages in the life of the artist Victor Vasarely. The Museum's exhibits demonstrate how diverse was the work and working methods in different periods of life Vasarely, and how they relate to his personal experiences and his environment.

In 1968 Victor Vasarely gave 42 of serigrafie to the Museum. This series was shown at the first exhibition of Vasarely in Hungary. Further donations - paintings, tapestries, plastic and graphic sheets joined the Museum collection in the following year, thus there was a permanent exhibition. The artist gave the city of pécs not only their works but also some remarkable work of his wife Claire and son Yvaral, as well as other contemporary European artists.

Vasarely Museum opened in 1976 in a house on Káptalan, 3, where he was born. The exhibition is one of the most popular and visited in pécs exhibits - has been shown in other countries in the past decade, therefore, the artist could see fans of op art in Europe.