/ / The Gold Museum of South-East Asia, (Southeast Asian Gold Museum)

The Gold Museum of South-East Asia, (Southeast Asian Gold Museum)

The gold Museum in South-East Asia of Istvan Zelnik - private Museum located on andrássy Avenue in the Terezvaros district of Budapest. The Museum presents about a thousand artifacts from eleven countries of South-East Asia. Most of the items - gold items, covering the period from prehistoric times to the early XX century, the work of skilled craftsmen of South-East Asia for the last two thousand years. The Museum exposition is based on the collection of Dr. istván Zelnik, a former diplomat, now businessman and collector, who collected over 50,000 artifacts, more than 1,000 of them are represented in the Museum.

In addition to jewelry, the gold Museum introduces visitors to the culture and art of this colourful and multifaceted region. The halls of the Museum will accompany guests through the times and epochs, when the culture of the kingdoms and nomadic tribes prospered next to each other. The art and culture of the region greatly influenced the neighboring India and China, trade routes - both Maritime and continental (the Great silk road passed here) could not affect their mutual influence. The peoples inhabiting these lands were open and receptive to many religions: animism, Hinduism and Buddhism peacefully coexisted with each other. The basis of this collection was made of gold and silver artifacts of the Cham, Khmer, Javanese and other ethnic groups. A collection of gold masks surpasses the collection of the British Museum. Collection of religious objects, Buddhist and Hindu statues are truly unique.