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Padlocks: photos, description (Padlocks)

The tradition of hanging locks on the railing of the fence to the street Janus Pannonius exists since 80th years. Of course, there are many legends regarding the appearance of the first locks. According to some old residents of the city, the first castles were silent messages to married women their lovers that it's time for secret meetings. According to another version, the students of the University dormitories brought their locks from the cabinets, after graduating and receiving University education.

In any case, today the tradition has power, and it needs youth. Nowadays, the most willing to hang the locks on the railings are young couples, who see in this ceremony a symbol of unbreakable love to each other. Their names and initials engraved and written on the locks. One of them is the names of Spanish Prince Felipe and his wife, who during his visit in 2004 joined this wonderful collection.