/ / Hortobágy national Park: photo description (Hortobagy)

Hortobágy national Park: photo description (Hortobagy)

The hortobágy national Park, covering an area of 80 000 hectares , is the largest protected area in Hungary. One of the most amazing attractions of the Park is its "bird Fund": the Park is home to over 300 species of birds, more than half of which nest here. Among the most notable birds of the Park — cranes, bustards, herons, eagles-Buzzards - a large part of the national Park is their natural habitat.

Hortobágy national Park is not only a part of the region of the Great plains and the largest natural grassland in Europe, is the territory owned by the shepherds (more than 200 families live in the Park), which has maintained a traditional way of life. Unique landscape Hortobagy is an example of harmonious coexistence of people and nature, the diversity of flora and fauna of the area has been carefully preserved, and livestock is an integral part of the landscape.

In the Park there are museums of peasant life (shepherds ' Museum), "Hortobagyi national Park in pictures", "Protection of birds of prey" and watch "Salihli".

On the territory of the hortobágy national Park hosts various events, competitions and festivals. Every June the Park held "Festival of horses", attracting large numbers of tourists and lovers of horses, and intended to keep the old traditions of Hungarian culture.