/ / National Theatre: a photo, a description (The National Theatre of Szeged)

National Theatre: a photo, a description (The National Theatre of Szeged)

National Theatre of Szeged was built in 1883, a well-known company of Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer in eclectic and neo-Baroque style. 18 months after opening on 22 April 1885 the theatre burned down. However, the reconstruction of the theater took place in a short time. Fellner & Helmer made changes to the initial draft, taking into account the principles of fire safety. In addition, they adjusted the exterior of the building. The ceiling of the theater was decorated in 1885 by the famous Vienna court painter Hermann von Kern (1839-1912). The restored theatre reopened on October 2, 1886. Another reconstruction of the theatre, it was not until 100 years later, in 1978-86.

The last two decades of the 19th century was marked by the surge of population in Szeged, which was the reason for frequent visit to the city touring theater companies. In the absence of the permanent scene of the theatre plays were staged in various suitable for this purpose areas of the city. Since 1840 the city authorities continuously tried to find funds to construct a permanent building for the theatre.

In 1878 in Szeged was organized by the Theatre Association to raise funds to build a new theatre. Devastating for the city the flood of 1879 was a turning point in addressing the "theatre issue". In 1882 the newly rebuilt Szeged appeared promising prospects to acquire their own theater. Decorations for the stage were purchased from tragically burned down in Vienna Ringtheater. The opening of the theatre in Szeged was held on 14 October 1883 in presence of Emperor Franz Joseph I.