/ / Margaret island: photos, description (Margit-sziget)

Margaret island: photos, description (Margit-sziget)

Margaret island is situated in the centre of Budapest on the Danube between the two parts of the Hungarian capital — Buda and Pest, with whom he since 1901 connected the Margaret bridge in the South and since the 1950s by Arpad bridge to the North. The island was artificially created out of three lying next to each other smaller Islands in 1950 in the course of work related to the regulation of the Danube in the city. The length of Margaret island is 2.5 km, the maximum width is 500 m, the area is 95,6 hectares.

On the island there are hotels, sports facilities (sports fields, tennis courts, swimming pools), clubs, restaurants, and green area with Cycling paths. Its spacious lawns are ideal for picnics and camping.

In addition to taxis, buses and the pedicab, on the island prohibited the movement of any vehicle. The only exception is Parking for hotel guests, who can Park their cars near Arpad bridge.

The island is home to many species of plants and some animals. Here you can find squirrels, woodpeckers, thrushes and many others. The island has themed gardens, a rose garden, a Japanese garden with a small pond with fish and turtles.

The island had different names, one of them is the Hare, due to local hunting grounds for Royal hunting. And his last name is Marget island received from the Emperor Joseph, who legalized rooted among the Hungarians in the name. The history of this name sad: during the Mongol invasion, the Hungarian king Bela IV promised to give his daughter Margaret to the Dominican monastery on Hare island in the case of getting rid of the invasion. He fulfilled his promise the 9 year old daughter became a nun and all offers of marriage from noble fans refused. She died at the age of 28, and the island got its name.

During the war with the Ottoman Empire all the monks left the island, the island was deserted, all the buildings on it were destroyed. In 1908, when the island broke Park, began his new story.