/ / Park Archbishop: photos, description (Archbishop''s Garden)

Park Archbishop: photos, description (Archbishop''s Garden)

Archbishop's Park is located between the streets of Gyorgy Klapka and Hadnagy, and in the East, its border falls on the river Eger, intersects the city from North to South. The Park was created on the territory of hunting grounds during the reign of Bishop Esterhazy and a beautiful fenced walls, some of which have survived to our time on the Northern and Western side of the Park, and the entrance to its territory was represented by a decorative wrought iron gate of Henrik Fazola - they can be seen today. In 1919, the Park was opened to the public and until 1990 was called the "people's Garden".

The Park covers an area of 22 hectares, its territory is a fountain, built in 2000, an artificial lake with a bridge in the southwestern part of the Central sports complex named after Dr. Ferenc Kemeny: stadium, football field and several tennis courts.