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Memento Park: photos, description (Memento Park)

Park "memento" (Memento) in Budapest is an open air Museum dedicated to monumental sculpture of the Communist period in Hungary (1949-1989), outdoor June 29, 1993, the second anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Hungary, and created by Ákos of Aleida, who won the competition announced by the General Assembly of Budapest (Municipal Assembly) in 1991. The architect himself says of his offspring: "This Park is dedicated to the dictatorship and, at the same time, once we can speak and write about it, democracy. After all, in the end, only democracy provides an opportunity to speak freely about dictatorship."

In the Park you can see statues of Lenin, Marx, Engels and some Hungarian Communist leaders, monuments of truce Ilya Ostapenko and Miklos Steinmetz who died in 1944, only 40 exhibits, dismantled and brought here after the fall of the Communist regime in Hungary in 1989.

In memento Park recreates the atmosphere of the Communist era, you can see, for example, the model of the old phone booth and a car East German "Trabant". In 2007 the Park opened a new exhibition hall and a small cinema. Very popular among the visitors of the photo exhibition called "Stalin's boots ", and a documentary film about the methods used by the secret police.