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Reformed Great Church, (Protestant Great Church

Great Reformed Church of Debrecen is the main attraction of the city and striking architectural monument in a number of buildings in the classical style of Hungary. The Church was designed by architect Michael Ovens and built in 1805-1822 years. The length of the cross aisle (two bodies facing each other and with the pulpit in the North part) is 38 m long and 14 m wide, from East to West - 55 m long and 15 m wide. The height of the towers 61 meters. Number of seats in the Church about 1800. In the Western part of the Church is the famous 5-ton Rakoczi bell". Which was donated to the Church in 1637 Gyorgy Rakoczy.

Rakoczy was supported by the public (especially the peasantry, rose up to fight for national liberation) in the North of the Hungarian Kingdom. Followed in 1645 Linz peace with the Holy Roman Emperor and Hungarian king Ferdinand III of Habsburg, guaranteed in Hungary, freedom of religion and the Protestants return all confiscated from their churches. He Rakoczy got in a lifelong personal possession of seven Hungarian counties and other vast land. He also received for himself and his descendants the title of an Imperial Prince.

Big Church has become a symbol not only for the residents of the city of Debrecen, but for the entire reformed Church of Hungary. Originally this place was an old Church built in the 12th century. Later, in the 15th century, it was replaced by St. Andrew's Church, erected on donations of the family Dosa of Debrecen. After the expansion the Church became the largest Gothic Church of the 16th century, but it burned down in 1564.

In 1626 the Church, which by that time it was called St. Andrew's, started to rebuild, was later built a separate Red tower from bare brick to big bell Rakoczy, reconstructed the basement walls (they can be seen in the Western end of the Large Church). However, St. Andrew's Church was burned along with the College during the fire of 1802.

Finally, in 1821, this place was built Calvinist Cathedral in neoclassical style. Now it is the largest Protestant Church in the country.