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The Serbian Orthodox Church, (Serbian Orthodox Church)

On the North side of the dome square is the Serbian Orthodox Church. This is a beautiful example of the Baroque style was erected in honor of Saint Nicholas in 1778. The Serbs came to Szeged in the days of Turkish rule in the 16th century, in the period from 18 to 19 century they played an important role in the commercial life of the city. It is known that merchants prefer to settle in the Central part of the city, Szeged, was no exception: Serbian businessmen located mainly in the most ancient part of the city, and in a smaller number outside the historic centre of the city.

The interior of the Church creating a mystical atmosphere literally captivates the congregation and visitors the ornate carved iconostasis. It is worth noting that he is one of the most beautiful in the country. The icons made with a noticeable influence of the Baroque, the smell of incense and burning candles - it all helps to feel the special aura of this place.