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The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul: a photo, a description (The Cathedral)

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul — the major attraction of pécs, his calling card. The history of the Cathedral dates back to the Roman Empire. First Church - chapel, there appeared at the end of the 4th century, later it was a paleo-Christian Cathedral, which by the 8th century was enlarged.

Construction of the Romanesque Cathedral begun after the fire of 1064. In the construction took part the Italian, the Hungarian, the Lombard master. In the middle ages the architectural appearance of the Cathedral has changed due to the construction of two 60-meter towers. Later, there was a chapel in Gothic style.

The Cathedral is not without losses experienced a long period of Turkish occupation in 1543 - 1686. The first attempts of restoration and renovation belong to 1807 according to the plans of mihály Pollack, the main facade in the spirit of classicism gained rushing towards the sky. And over the facade there are statues of the twelve apostles of the master, Mihai Bartulica.

Its current appearance Church acquired after the reconstruction of 1882-1891 years. Cathedral length is 70 m, width 20 m, height of the nave is 22 m. the Restoration work was carried out under the supervision of the Austrian architect Friedrich von Schmidt. It has retained its medieval layout, interior and exterior in the post-Romanesque style. The last restoration works in the Cathedral took place in the period between 1962 and 1968.

During these years the Cathedral was decorated with new statues of the apostles the work of károly Antal , and in 2000 - bronze "Gates Millennium" Sandor Retfalvi.