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Statue of Liberty: photos, description (Liberty Statue)

The statue of Liberty located in front of the Citadel on Gellert hill. It is the largest monument in the group of three bronze statues that were installed in honor of the soldiers who liberated Hungary from the Nazis during the Second world war. The statue of Liberty appeared on the hill in 1947. The choice of location was due to the fact that 14-meter high figure of a woman on a 26-metre pedestal with a raised in his hands a palm branch is visible from almost anywhere in Budapest.

According to legend, in the hands of women was originally a propeller, as a reminder that the deceased during the war, the son of the Regent of Hungary, Miklos Horthy was a test pilot. After the departure of the Germans from the country in February 1945, the propeller was replaced by a palm branch, as Miklos Horthy was close to the Nazi regime.

Other statues of the monument is a dragon Slayer, Zanussi fist over the dragon, and torchbearer of Plamen freedom in his raised right hand. The statue of Liberty was the motive for 10 - forintos coins of the series. released until 1990.

Original inscription on a plaque in Hungarian and Russian languages read: Memory of the liberation of the Soviet heroes of a grateful Hungarian people. In 1989, after the country's transition from Communist regime to democracy, the inscription was modified to the memory of all who gave their lives for independence, freedom and prosperity of Hungary.