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Turkish bath: photo description (Turkish Bath)

Eger is famous for its healing thermal springs and bathing culture of Eger has a long history. It is known that since ancient times the inhabitants of the town used for bathing warm water lakes, formed from hot springs. The first written mention Kartuzinski Baths in Eger dates back to the year 1448. In further baths were expanded, and their fame grew.

During the Turkish occupation Eger baths have experienced a real flourishing in the early 17th century was rebuilt, Ilija" - baths "hammams" a pair, since there was a whole bathing complex. It should be noted that the construction of baths was carried out across the country, because of the need of a "new" population was certficate high. Here is a quote from surviving orders of Sultan Suleiman, Dating from the year 1564: "In the city of Tolna, the number of Muslims has increased so much that ... there is a need in the pool." Thus, every city had to have at least one bath. One can only wonder that in Hungary before our time survived only a few Eger and Budapest baths.

In 2008-2009, after the reconstruction made by the famous architect Ákos kaszab, Turkish Bath opened its doors to all those wishing to relax, the hotel provides swimming pools with thermal water of different temperatures, 15 different types of massage, steamroom, sauna, infra-cabin, aroma cabin, steam bath. For patients who need medical assistance, open a medical Department where patients can get professional help.