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University of pécs: photo description (University of Pecs)

The first University in pécs appeared in 1367 as one of the oldest in Central Europe, king Louis the Great , it went under during the Turkish occupation. In 1921, former Hungarian University in Bratislava. Pressburg , Hungarian : Pozsony ) was moved to pécs, it результатом1982 Janus Pannonius University, Janus Pannonius Tudományegyetem , JPTE ) .

The first University in pécs was established by Louis I of Hungary in 1367. Having existed as a unified educational center for several decades, in the mid-15th century it was divided into two schools of jurisprudence and theology. During the Turkish occupation the University was closed, and opened its doors only in 1785, when Joseph II moved the Royal Academy from Gyor to PECs. In 1802 the Royal Academy was back to Gyor by the order of Francis I, and institutions of higher education in pécs was not until 1833, when the Bishop of pécs under the auspices of the city Senate founded the PECs Academy with the faculties of law and philosophy.

The modern University of pécs was founded in 1912 and was originally located in Pozsony (now Bratislava). After the First world war Pozsony was requested from Hungary, and in 1921 the University moved to pécs, where he remains to this day. In 1951 the medical faculty was separated, and till 2000 was a separate institution. In 1982, the University received the name of Janus Pannonius. The present University of pécs was founded on 1 January 2000 , by the merger of the University Janus Pannonius, Medical University and pedagogical College.