/ / Chain bridge cross-Section: photos, description (Szechenyi Chain Bridge)

Chain bridge cross-Section: photos, description (Szechenyi Chain Bridge)

Bridge Section is a suspension chain bridge over the Danube, connecting the Roosevelt square in pest side and Adam Clark square in Buda. The bridge section of the first permanent bridge built by the project of 1839 the English engineer William Tierney Clark, the author of the suspension bridge in Marlow. The bridge was opened in 1849 and became a symbol of the unification of the two parts of the new city. The bridge got its current name in 1898 in honor of the Hungarian politician count istván Section who put a lot of effort and money in its construction. In addition to the cross-Section, a significant part of financing was assumed by the Greek industrialist George Sinas, who had significant financial and land interests in the city, and whose name is inscribed in the Foundation of the South-Western part of the bridge on the Buda side. Bridge decoration made of cast iron. Lions on each of the pillars was carved from stone by sculptor Janos Marshalko. They resemble the well-known bronze lions in Trafalgar square.

In 1914, the cast-iron bridge construction were reinforced and partially updated. During the Second world war, the bridge was damaged, after reconstruction it was restored and reopened in 1949.

The plaque on the pest side reads: "In memory of the only two surviving bridges designed by William Tierney Clark: the Chain bridge over the Danube at Budapest and the suspension bridge across the Thames in Marlow, England"