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Church of All Saints, (Mindszent)

All Saints Church (Mindszent) is a Roman Catholic parish Church in the centre of Miskolc. It was built between 1724 and 1880 in Baroque style. Although its official name the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, but in colloquial speech it's always referred to as the Church of All Saints, probably due to the fact that it is located at All Saints Square, which, apart from the Church, forms a triangle with the buildings of the world trade Center, the National health service. Mindszent (All Saints) - was a small town that once existed here. The Church was built on the site of the old chapel.

The chapel and the hospital next to it were first mentioned in 1507, the year. In 1562 it was rebuilt by order of Barbary Fansi, the owner of the castle Decider. In the first half of the 18th century the Abbot Frederick of Altan decided to build a large Church on the site of the chapel. It is likely that the architect was Giovanni Battista Carlone, who designed the Minorite Church in Miskolc. The Church was consecrated in 1748, although construction was not yet completely finished.

In 1857, the city was visited by the Emperor Franz Joseph, drawing attention to the unfinished construction, it is suggested to pay the costs for the construction of one of the towers. The Archbishop of Eger and a few wealthy parishioners also donated a substantial amount of money. In 1864, construction began on the two towers by year-end one was ready some time later the other tower was also completed. Inside the Church are beautiful examples of Baroque art - paintings and statues.