/ / The castle of Eger: photo description Castle of Eger)

The castle of Eger: photo description Castle of Eger)

The castle of Eger is located in the city centre and a monolith towering over him. This medieval castle is one of the most outstanding artifacts and monuments of Hungarian history due to its heroic defense against the Turks in 1552.

Once in close proximity of Eger on a high hill was located the predecessor of the castle, which was destroyed in 1241 during the Mongol-Tatar invasion, the Bishop of Eger decided to move the castle on a rocky hill in the city. In 1470 a Gothic Palace was built. In 1552 the Turkish army, consisting of 35000-40000 soldiers laid siege to the castle, which consisted of 2100-2300 defenders. The siege failed, and the Turks suffered heavy losses. Survived about 1700 of the defenders. In 1596, after a second siege, the Turks broke down the walls and captured the castle. In 1701, the Austrians exploded half of the castle. Archaeological excavations only started in 1925 and the castle until 1957 it was used as army barracks.

The restoration of the castle took place in two stages. In the second half of 1980-ies the state sponsored restructuring of the Bastion, but it was not implemented until the adoption of the széchenyi plan in 2002-2005 when significant contributions have been made by the County government and the town of Eger