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Ethnographic Museum: photos, description (Ethnographic Museum)

Ethnography a branch of the Museum Janus Pannonius opened its permanent exhibition in 1996. The exhibition provides insight into the traditional culture of the peoples of the Lamb (the region between the North Bank of the Drava and the West Bank of the Danube) from the beginning of the 20th century until 1950. The ethnic composition of the County is really unique, so the exhibits are very interesting and various: woodwork, colorful costumes, pottery, embroidery and furniture, of peoples inhabiting this region. In addition, the exposition acquaints visitors with the folk traditions of the Hungarian villages.

With the help of photographs, furniture and tools the first room gives an idea to the visitors about the various ethnic groups and their methods of construction. The second hall introduces the art of weaving and embroidery and traditional costumes. In the third hall there is an exhibition of pottery. The fourth hall is dedicated to the most famous in the region carnival - Busojaras.