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The Dudhsagar Waterfall

Photos and description

The Dudhsagar waterfall is located on the territory of the reserve bhagwan Mahavir, which is located in the state of Goa, approximately 60 kilometers from the administrative center of North Goa - Panjim. Dudhsagar is one of the highest waterfalls in the world, and is one of the most important sights of Goa. It is a multilevel system with a total length of approximately 603 meters and a height of 310 meters.

This natural wonder got the name Dudhsagar, literally translated as "the ocean of milk" due to the color of the water, which looks milky-white. According to legend, in the jungle on the site of the waterfall was the Palace in which lived a Princess. She loved to swim in the lake nearby, and after a swim, drank sweet milk from a Golden jug. Once floating, the Princess saw through the foliage watching her man, and wanting to hide my body from prying eyes, she poured the milk into the water beside him. And to this day, milky white spray of the waterfall called Dudhsagar, to remind people about the modesty of the Princess.

To get to the waterfall you can use a train, bus or taxi, but these vehicles can only drive up the reserve. The further way through streams and thickets will have to overcome either on the SUV or on foot. But no difficulties can stop wishing to enjoy the beauty of this fabulous waterfall.

The best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfall is the winter months. Then neither the heat nor the monsoon rains that fall between June and September, it will not hurt to experience all the charm of this place.