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The Lotus Temple

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The world-famous Lotus Temple, located in the Indian capital Delhi, is one of the most Grand and majestic buildings created in the last century. The Lotus temple, or as it is officially called the House of Worship the Baha'i, is one of the many temples of the religious movement Bahai, which originated quite recently - just in the middle of the XIX century. He is in Delhi attracts huge number of tourists. According to the laws of the Baha'i temple is open to absolutely everyone, regardless of religion, nationality, gender and age. It does not hosts traditional sermons and rituals, and pray there can be any God You believe in.

The Church building was completed in 1986, and almost immediately, he received numerous architectural awards. All the temples of the Baha'i religion have a similar structure: it is deletepolicy building's rounded shape, sometimes surmounted by domes. But the Delhi Temple stands out among the other religious buildings - it is a huge and beautiful white Lotus flower which is 70 meters in diameter. It consists of 27 separate petals, marble that was brought from distant Greece. Each three of these lobes forms one of the nine sides of the temple. Each side has a door leading to the main hall, whose height is more than 40 meters. Just this hall able to accommodate about two and a half thousand people at a time.

The temple stands in the middle of a large Park and is surrounded by nine pools that are located almost between the protruding side-lobes of the building. Together with the adjacent territories of the Delhi House of Worship the Baha'i covers an area of about 10 and a half acres.