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Valley Of Flowers

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Located in the Western part of the Himalayas, in the territory of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, the world-famous Alpine Valley of Flowers is a truly fabulous place, the beauty of which is breathtaking. In 1982, this area has acquired the status of National Park. By area, it is quite small - about 87кв km, but there are about 600 species of plants, including many unique, which cannot be found anywhere else, such as the blue poppy and Lily kobrava. Also in this area is home to rare animals such as Asiatic black bear, blue sheep and snow leopard. The main feature of the valley is that almost always it is covered with flowering plants of various colors and shades, which makes it attractive to visit all year round. But still the best time to visit this Park in June and September as during the rest of the land could be hidden under the snow.

Valley of Flowers was the birth place of many legends, has long been famous for its medicinal herbs, so it was considered sacred. But until 1931 it was practically unexplored because of its inaccessibility. And today it brings together a large group of botanists and biologists to study the unique flora and fauna of this region.

In the Valley of Flowers no buildings and structures, and the nearest towns are Joshimath and Garhwal, from which Park can be reached only on foot.

Together with the nearby national Park Nanda Devi, Valley of Flowers, forming a world biosphere reserve, and since 2004 is under the protection of UNESCO. Therefore, you must obtain permission to visit the Park.