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India Gate

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Right in the heart of new Delhi, capital of India, is a national architectural monument called India Gate. One glance at him I remember the Paris arc de Triomphe, and it is not surprising, as it was taken as a model for the construction of India Gate. They were designed by the architect Edwina Licensor, and was built in 1931 to honor the 90,000 soldiers who died in the First World war. And was originally called the all India war memorial.

India gate built of red and yellow Sandstone and granite, they are an arch, 42 meters high, the walls of which you can see engraved names of fallen soldiers. In contrast to the Paris Arch, Indian not so artsy, there is no such quantity of small parts, so it looks quite restrained and strictly.

In 1971, after the conclusion of the third Anglo-Afghan war, at the initiative of Indira Gandhi at the foot of the arch was constructed the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where the eternal flame burns.

Not far from the monument is the dome supported by four columns, also designed by Licensor. Initially, under the dome stood a statue of British king George V, but after India's independence, the statue was moved to Coronation Park. At the moment, discussing the question of the installation on the site of the monument to Gandhi.

Around the Gates and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a large Park, which became a very popular place for all kinds of outings. Also, do not empty it in the evening and night hours - during this time, the memorial is lit up and looks simply magical.

In this area often hosts various festivals and holidays. And in 2011, in the Park around the arch held the first Kite Festival, which attracted huge number of tourists from all over the world.