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An architectural masterpiece, a monument of culture and history - all the Agra Fort. A unique place, which is located in the homonymous ancient city of Agra, in Uttar Pradesh, 25 kilometers Northwest of the famous Taj Mahal.

The Fort is a rather fortified city than just the citadel. It was built by the Indian ruler Semarwara Rajputs. And the first mention of this place appears in 1080. In the late thirteenth century the Delhi Sultan Sikandar Lodi "moved" to Agra and elect a place of residence this Fort. While Agra is virtually the second capital of the Sultanate. After Sikander's death in 1517, his place was taken by his son Ibrahim, who also contributed to the development of the Fort by his order it was built mosques and wells. But in 1526 Ibrahim was killed in one of the battles in Panipat. That's when the Mughals finally captured Agra, and along with the Fort, which contained priceless treasures, including the famous diamond "Kohinoor".

In 1558, the Mughal Emperor Akbar moved the capital of his Empire to Agra. He recovered almost completely destroyed during the hostilities the Fort. It acquired its current appearance, with beautiful buildings, intricately carved with patterns and bright mosaics. Construction was completed in 1573.

Agra Fort is also famous for the fact that it lived on Shah Jahan, and was admiring its walls with its best creation - the Taj Mahal.

The Fort has the shape of a semicircle and covers an area of over 91 hectares. On the four sides are the gates and the walls of a fortified military towers. The most important buildings and places of the Fort are Anguri Bagh - a beautiful garden laid out with geometric precision; the Diwan-I-Am hall of public meetings; the Diwan-I-Khas - hall of private meetings; the Golden pavilions, Jahangiri Mahal - the Palace built by Akbar for his son Jahangir; Mina Masjid heavenly mosque, Burj Musamman a big tower, "looking" at the Taj Mahal and others.