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Temple Kandarya-Mahadeva

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The beautiful Hindu temple complex in Khajuraho located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is famous all over the world. Temple Kandarya-Mahadeva belongs to the Western Group of temples and is one of the largest and most ornate buildings in it. He is permeated with explicit eroticism above all other buildings of the complex.

The construction of the temple began the famous ruler of Chandela Vidyadhara, believed to be about 1050. The name of this temple comes from the word "kandar", which means "cave" and "Mahadeva" - another name for Shiva. The outer walls are decorated with more than 640 graceful statues that depict animals, dancers, and musicians. The greatest attention of tourists is, of course, sculptures of erotic nature, which is Kandariya Mahadeva. There you can see a lot of erotic scenes, some of which are very exotic. Several entrances to the temple are on the East and West and represent a small "porches" to which are several long flights of stairs. Inside the building has several large rooms, decorated with high columns and a beautiful balcony and the main sanctuary. It is made of marble sacred "Linga" of Shiva, which is a small column, symbolizing the divine essence.

The spire (shikhara) of the main temple Kandarya-Mahadeva rises 31 meters and is surrounded by 84-mja miniature their copies.

As part of a large temple complex of Khajuraho, Kandariya-Mahadeva included in the world Heritage list of UNESCO.